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Horizon Elite Financial
Training Academy 

"Amatures Practice Until They Get It Right
PRO'S Practice Until They Can't Get It Wrong"

World Class Personal Development, Sales & Marketing Training 
Welcome to Team Horizon Elite Training Academy

Aaron & Breanda Vaden

Included Inside 

Hours of Sales & Marketing Skill Building Training To Help You Explode Your Business

Lead Generation & Conversion Skills

Networking Techniques

Watch Aaron and Breanda in Action

Watch This Video And You'll Learn What It Takes To Make It

  •  You must have a "BIG WHY" to stay FOCUSED - You need a "WHY" big enough it makes you cry.
  •  You must LEARN what to say to get people to WANT to work with you. 
  •  You must LEARN how to say the right words to ATTRACT your ideal prospects.
  • ​ You must be willing to INVEST in the MOST IMPORTANT ASSET you own.... YOURSELF!

Making a Difference

Explore how our team of leaders are helping business owners,  families and individuals get the financial education and tools they need to thrive in the new economy that is here today.

No Family Left Behind

We believe in a future that allows everyone access to financial education and tools so they can have a chance to become financially independent and secure.

Of Personal Choice

Everyone is unique, especially in your family's financial goals. That’s why Horizon Elite Financial offers products and services from the top financial services companies throughout North America.

What You Will Learn Inside the Academy

  • Training: Direct Sales, Online and Offline Lead Generation & Marketing Techniques​
  • ​Fast Track:  How to Get Your Business Off To a Fast Start
  • Goals:  How to Set Effective Goals & How to Achieve Them
  • Mindset: ​​How to Develop a Winning, 6 & 7 Figure Mindset
  • Foundation: How to Build Your Business Foundation
  • FOCUS: ​How to Focus on the Correct Money Making Activities
  • Fear:  How to Overcome Fear & Anxiety 
  • ​​Niche: Fastest Path to Cash – Generating Leads – Defining Your Niche
  • Invitations:  ​How to Effectively Contact and Invite new Prospects
  • ​​ ​​​Networking: How to Develop Your Online and Offline Networking Skills
  • ​Events:  How to Promote to Events the Right Way and Get Prospects to Show Up
  • ​Communication:  ​How to Improve Your Communication, Sales and Closing Skills
  • ​Fast Start:  How to Get Your New Distributors or Sales Team Started Fast
  • Closing: How to Effectively Close and Get Your Prospects to Take Action Now
  • ​Referrals: How to Ask for Referrals and Get Them Virtually Every Time
  • Accountability: How to Hold Yourself & Your Team Accountable to Achieve Results.​


Aaron and Breanda are Next Level leaders that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Hi, we are Aaron & Breanda
Regional Director at World Financial Group

Aaron is as an iconic leader in the network marketing and training space. Since he was born out of the U.S, he came into this country with a burning desire to succeed and create opportunity for himself and for his family. 

Aaron has the unique ability to look at a person or a sales organization, see the weaknesses and give you the exact formula and techniques to solve the problems to increase sales and build a team.

By the age of 27 Breanda was able to reach one of her big life goals to retire her mom. By the Age of 30, Breanda was able to make his first million dollars in commissions and is now one of the most successful bilingual network marketers in the world. Along with becoming the top income producer in hers current company, he also is a highly successful serial entrepreneur outside of network marketing. Breanda now mentors people across the globe through his sales organizations, speaking engagements and through his interactive training courses. 


Your Success is a Decision Away

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